Camp Lone Star

Camp Lone Star is a workshop that encourages young people to emerge as leaders by helping them discover their talents and goals, practice skills to promote happiness in the family and success in school, and give back to their communities. Workshops provide education to teens through a curriculum including lectures, activities, and interaction with elders and peers. Camp Lone Star staff believes that the workshop should be made available to all youth.


District 9 Leader: Rev. John Jackson

Contact Info

  • E-mail: camplonestar@gmail.com
  • Phone: 972-768-2678
  • Location: 349 Crabapple Road, Blanco, TX


Staff & Participant Info

Staff Info

Director: Jin Sook Sakai & Marten Hernandez

Assistant Directors: Matthew Biggin, Marina Stana, Izak Hernandez, Jonathan Golden, Brianna Schneider

General Affairs: Jin Ae Sakai


Staff Workshop Dates: June 12 - 14

Fee: $65

Application Deadline: May 11

Participant Info

Participant Workshop Dates: June 14 - 20


Early-Bird Application Deadline: May 3

Early-Bird Fee: $280

Regular Application Deadline: May 24

Fee: $300

Each Sibling (-$20)


General Info

Eligibility: Any participant in need of a scholarship.

Award: [Fee reduced to: $140]

Deadline: May 3


  1. Any applications received after deadline will not be eligible for consideration. 
  2. You must send your essay in its own email (Do not submit your essay with any other application)
  3. Email subject must follow this format: LastName FirstName Scholarship Essay 2015

Essay Topic

Essay Topic Summer 2015:
Interview a 1st generation Unificationist, asking them about their story: How & why did they join the

church? Or interview a 2nd generation (college age & older)  Unificationist asking them about their story:

“Why do they decide to live a unificationist lifestyle?”

Write an essay reflecting on their response, & answer this question:

How have you felt God’s love? How do you think God’s love affects people?

**Include a picture of you and your interviewee in essay.


T-Shirt Design Contest

Submission Deadline: May 3

Winner: Only one winner will have his/her design printed on everyone's T-Shirts!

Prize: $50 off Camp Fee

Submission info

  1. Incorporate this workshop's theme, "We Are Love". The T-shirt design should include only 1 or 2 colors.
  2. File format should be a digital image [.jpg, .giff, .tiff, .png, .pdf] - Provide both front and back images.
  3. Submit your entry in its own e-mail to camplonestar@gmail.com, with 2015 Summer T-Shirt Entry [Your Last Name} as the Subject of your e-mail.